Event: The Fish Line


Event Info

Explore the past, invisible present, and future of the Napa River. Starting at River Park, we’ll walk and chalk the 1876 river bank’s location, swim with Spencer the endangered, seven foot long sturgeon, and see the future of the water through the eyes (and feet!) of shorebirds. Finally, get to know your watershed neighborhood as it tumbles down the fountain pools, flowing with life just for the day.

Family Friendly, easy one-mile, interactive walk from River Park to the plaza between Vallejo City Hall and the JKF Library; Saturday September 9, 2017; 2:00 to 3:30 pm.

  • Sidewalk printing Options: Chalk spreader fish, Stamped fish, Fish print fish
  • Tie-in birds related to fish, piscivorous, and osprey story related to changing landscape
  • Sea level rise: fish line past, present, future
  • Mosaic tile fish
  • Transform the fountains outside city hall into a model of the Napa river watershed, complete with live plants, fish and a guest appearance of the golden gate bridge.


Saturday September 9

2PM to 3:30PM


The Fish Line walk will begin from the River Park parking lot at 2:00 pm. The entrance to the parking lot is located at the stoplight at the junction of Wilson Ave. and Hichborn Street.

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