What is Visions of the Wild?

An art and film festival celebrating nature, culture and community throughout Vallejo, Benicia and the North Bay. It is now in its sixth year.

What is the meaning of 2019 festival theme: “Transforming Fire”?

Fire has a power to bring people together and to transform landscapes and lives. Fire regenerates even as it consumes. Indigenous cultures understand this, and it is a central element of community co-creation festivals like Burning Man. Contemporary society, however, is largely disconnected from ecological processes and has been negatively influenced by the perception (and reality) of “catastrophic” wildfire. This year’s festival seeks to raise awareness about the critical role fire plays in California’s forests, grasslands and communities.

Who is responsible for Visions of the Wild?

Since 2014, The U.S. Forest Service and Vallejo Community Arts Foundation have partnered to present Visions of the Wild, an annual event devoted to connecting people to art, culture and community across the North Bay.