SEPT 6 - SEPT 10
Events are FREE and open to the public
Visions of the Wild
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Back by popular demand

If you would like to contribute towards the festival please send us a message and let us know of your skills and interests.


Changing Landscapes

Thanks to all who helped with, and attended, the 4th Annual Visions of the Wild Festival!

Gallery and museum shows continue into October. Please visit us at Temple Arts, Artiszen, Jen Tough Gallery, TrojanMonk and the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum.


SEPTEMBER 20-23, 2018



ON FIRE | Temple Arts Gallery, corner of Virginia & Marin St
Exhibit runs through Oct 14th.   Open Friday evenings (5pm-8pm) & Saturdays (10am-2pm)

Closing Night Party:  Friday, October 13th, 4pm-10pm

Fire is a critical agent of change on the California landscape.  Wildfires are both destructive and restorative. We find beauty in their terrible power.  Our forests, chaparral and grasslands will inevitably burn. They need fire to thrive. The question is: Can we learn to live with wildfire? ON FIRE explores the relationship between between people and wildfire. The exhibition also examines the current tree mortality situation in the Sierra Nevada.  More than 100 million trees have died because of drought and bark beetles.


The show also includes works by David Gordon, Ruth Santee and Caroline Miller.

Re-Shaping Vallejo | Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum, 734 Marin Street
Thursday Sept 7th, 6PM (through September)

A series of interpretive panels explores the changing landscape of Vallejo and Mare Island. People have continuously shaped and restored the land and waterways, even as wild nature persists. Even lifelong residents will be surprised to learn about Vallejo’s hidden history.

Imaginary Landscapes | Artiszen Cultural Arts Center, 337 Georgia Street
Friday Sept 8th, 5PM  (through September)

Memory and imagination are universal ways that we experience changing landscapes. “Imaginary Landscapes” explores the ambiguous relationship between observation, fantasy and art.   The “scenes” in these works reinvent the past, re-create the present or reveal a vision of the future.  Even the most abstract images remind us of the natural world in some uncanny way.  Is this work of the artist or viewer?  We hope this show will lead you  to reflect on the landscapes in your own mind.

Our Changing Landscape | Jen Tough Gallery, 336 Georgia St
Friday Sept 8th, 5PM – Sunday, Oct 8, 6PM  (through September)

As part of Vallejo’s magical Visions of the Wild festival, artist Jeff Snell will be doing a site specific installation in the Inner Gallery. The theme of the work is “Our Changing Landscape” and will address the current assault on our environment. Composed of paint, board, canvas, and mixed media, Jeff’s gorgeous sculptural works will envelop the entire space, yet be able to be sold as smaller individual pieces.

The Wait: The Effects of Climate Change | TrojanMonk Gallery, 508 Sacramento St
Friday Sept 8th, 5PM  (through September)

Our world is changing and humans are pushing the effects faster than expected. Sweltering heatwaves, rising oceans and bizarre weather events change our way of life and the delicate ecosystems hosted on our beautiful fragile world.

Come join TrojanMonk Art and observe how climate is changing our landscapes.

Festival Events Program

Festival Events List

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Location: 485 Santa Clara Street, Vallejo CA 94590 Back parking lot – see location map below.


September 8, 2017 10:00 am – 6:30 pm
September 9, 2017 10:00 am – Sunset
September 10, 2017 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
– Clean-up & closing celebration 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Come and Prepare to be Wowed!

Chalk/street painters, from master artists to youth and families, will transform the pavement into a collection of vibrant, colorful, large scale images. These designs will include images reflective of Visions –Changing Landscapes theme as well as abstract art, 3D images, and portraitures.

Public engagement will be a key component of this festival. It will be a place where the community can come out and see art being made and artists can demonstrate their process from beginning to end. In contrast to viewing a finished product in a studio. Artists will benefit from this festival by being provided space to showcase their work and the community can engage by asking questions and learning from the artists.

It is our intent to showcase local, regional, and national artistic talent. With our focus being threefold –support youth art education, spur economic activity, and bring culture, community, and creativity to our beautiful downtown. We believe our festival will become another signature event such as the Mad Hatter Parade or Second Friday Art Walk and help to promote our downtown as a destination for the arts.

Photo Gallery

Location Map

Explore the past, invisible present, and future of the Napa River. Starting at River Park, we’ll walk and chalk the 1876 river bank’s location, swim with Spencer the endangered, seven foot long sturgeon, and see the future of the water through the eyes (and feet!) of shorebirds. Finally, get to know your watershed neighborhood as it tumbles down the fountain pools, flowing with life just for the day.

Family Friendly, easy one-mile, interactive walk from the River Park parking lot to the plaza between Vallejo City Hall and the JKF Library. The entrance to the parking lot is located at the stoplight at the junction of Wilson Ave. and Hichborn Street. Saturday September 9, 2017; 2:00 to 3:30 pm.


Saturday, September 9th
2PM – 3:30PM

Nature Discovery Zone

Join us at your local farmers market for festival information, wildlife demos, meet Smokey Bear and a giant inflatable salmon fish!

Many nature and community organizations will offer interactive activities for children and adults.

We will also feature the new Forest Service Mobile Ranger Station and Morty the Tree.


Georgia Street, between Marin St & Sacramento St

Saturday, September 9th
8AM – 2PM

100 Benton Way

Sunday, September 10th
9AM – 1PM

Visions of the Wild Photo Stream

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