U.S. Forest Service & VCAF Present

7th Annual

Visions of the Wild

Film and Arts Festival

38° North

We couldn’t go anywhere so we decided to travel around the world.

The 38°N project was conceived before the pandemic. The concept is to connect with people around the globe who share our passion for connecting nature, culture and community. These artists, scientists and adventurers live 38°N of the equator, the same latitude as our Vallejo and Benicia.

Once we canceled the 2020 Visions of the Wild festival in downtown Vallejo, we decided to turn the virtual expression of the idea into a virtue. So, each month we will present at least one story from the 38th.

It’s been an exciting trip so far, and we can’t wait to share our discoveries with you.

Once we are able to gather again, we’ll create a 38°N exhibit and invite the world. It will be great to see you all in person again at the Temple Art Lofts Gallery (Latitude 38.10237, Longitude -122.25686).
Prior to the Temple Art Lofts exhibition next year, the Visions of the Wild festival website will host an online exhibition, with photos and artwork, submitted by people around the world, depicting their own perspectives on life at 38°N.


Community Outreach

If you or someone you know live within the 38th parallel (marked by the red lines on the map) and would like to participate with the festival please fill out the contact form below, we would love to hear from you!

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38° North Participant Contact