U.S. Forest Service & VCAF Present

7th Annual
Visions of the Wild
Film and Arts Festival

38° North

This interactive exhibition showcases artists and activists who are connecting people to nature and environmental issues through the arts (film, painting, photography, dance, music, poetry, storytelling, etc). The festival takes place every September in Vallejo, California, which is 38 degrees north of the equator. Our goal is to connect and exchange ideas with people from around the globe along the 38th parallel.

The artistic focal point of our September festival will be a visual representation of the 38th parallel in a large gallery space. Stations around the room, corresponding to locations highlighted on the globe will explore the art, ecology, topography, history and peoples. This information will become the subject of online discussions, presentations, and interactive web sessions.

We are especially interested in:

  • Connecting Youth in our community with their counterparts in other countries to create collaborative works.
  • Displaying the awesome power of the natural world to inspire us with its complexity, beauty, and mystery.
  • Learning about indigenous people’s culture, which is often deeply connected to the natural world.

The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, inspiring us to reach out, looking for stories of environmental success, preservation, restoration and resilience to give us hope in these troubled times.

Since 2014 Visions of the Wild has brought our community together to celebrate art and nature. The festival connects people with our beautiful local landscape using the arts, guest speakers and field trips. This year, due to the public health concerns, our program will be a bit different. The 2020 festival will take place in Vallejo on September 11-13, however several events will move on online and others will be modified or postponed.

Community Outreach

If you or someone you know live within the 38th parallel (marked by the red lines on the map) and would like to participate with the festival please fill out the contact form below, we would love to hear from you!

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